SymbioLab (Pty) Ltd

Specializing in the supply of various laboratory products across many industries with a focus on the markets within South Africa. These include laboratory single-use and reusable consumables, glassware, plasticware, benchtop & other equipment, laboratory hardware, safety ware, as well as basic chemicals & solutions.

SymbioLab (Pty) Ltd was founded in June 2017, based on a history of more 28 years’ experience in the marketing & sales of laboratory products. With the dedication and commitment of our team, SymbioLab (Pty) Ltd will continue to grow and excel, yet remain small and focused enough to keep providing exceptional, efficient, reliable & personalised service to our clients. This strategy has in the past resulted in improved client relations and increased sales as our clients feel confident in dealing with us.

We have a relatively broad customer base, extending across all academic institutions, the medical sector, blood banking, research, veterinary, cosmetics, food & beverage industries, as well as industrial and pharmaceutical sectors.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to procure from recognised and trusted suppliers and manufacturers, which allow us to provide our clients with quality products at affordable pricing.

We proudly represent the following brands within South Africa:

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